Oh yes we did! The title speaks for itself and engineers (or their I.T. professionals) everywhere rejoice

Due to some behind the scenes changes out of our control, access to the MASS activation server directly from each user’s application was severed, resulting in each activation to needing to be performed offline. The problem was fixed relatively quickly but the change wouldn’t be reaching you good people until we had a new version and we were ,more than two thirds of the way to completion.

The wait is over!

A more detailed video can be found on our activation guide, located here.

This post is part of a small feature spotlight series, covering the main new features of MASS Version 4.0. This change is not technical but is likely a welcome sight if you’ve had to handle the activation process by contacting MASS support. (Thanks Luisa!)

Brad Crumb

Brad is a Masonry Design Engineer with CMDC. Starting in 2011, his main role with the CMDC has involved developing the masonry design software, MASS, as well as handling the engineering related technical support questions that come in on a regular basis. If you've called or emailed the CMDC office about MASS, chances are you had the pleasure of meeting Brad.


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