Moderately Ductile and Ductile shear walls can now be designed within MASS to satisfy the ductility verification (required by CSA S304-14)

Any designers struggling with post-disaster strictures or the axial load limitations of conventional construction masonry will be happy to know that MASS Version 4.0 has the ability to perform this check as part of the new seismic design process.

The software automatically detects when the ductility verification is required and in cases where boundary elements are used, can even take advantage of higher maximum compressive strains.

This post is part of a short series highlighting what is new to MASS Version 4.0. The full change log can be seen by clicking here.


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Brad Crumb

Brad is a Masonry Design Engineer with CMDC. Starting in 2011, his main role with the CMDC has involved developing the masonry design software, MASS, as well as handling the engineering related technical support questions that come in on a regular basis. If you've called or emailed the CMDC office about MASS, chances are you had the pleasure of meeting Brad.


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